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Common Questions

  • What are the different types of water systems your showers are suitable for?

    Gravity Fed
    Gravity Fed - Pumped
    Combination Boiler
    Instantaneous Gas Water Heater
    Mains Pressurised - Unvented
    Thermal Store

  • What is a Mixer shower?

    Mixer showers take water from your hot and cold supplies and mix them to create the perfect temperature. Most Mira mixers work on all the common UK water systems including Combi boilers and Gravity Fed water storage systems, but it is important to check before installation. If you have a low pressure system, you can boost the flow rate by adding a Mira Pump. The majority of our Mira mixer showers are thermostatic, giving that extra added safety feature. To find out more, click here.

  • What is a Digital shower?

    Our Digital showers use a separate mixing valve box and shower controls. This means you can mount the slim mixer unit away from the shower, like in a loft space or airing cupboard or under the bath (providing there is access and sufficient room for maintenance), reducing the amount of pipework. Plus, the shower control takes up very little space, creating an overall streamlined and sophisticated look. The range comes in two types - High Pressure and Pumped. High Pressure Digital showers are suitable for all mains fed systems such as Combi Boilers, providing the pressures are nominally equal. Pumped Digital showers include an integrated pump in the digital valve. These pumped versions are designed to improve the water flow rate from the shower and can be installed on Gravity Fed water systems. To find out more, click here

  • What is an Electric shower?

    A big advantage of electric showers generally, is that they don't use any stored hot water at all. Standard electric showers work by taking water from the mains cold water supply. They heat the water when you turn the shower on, passing it over a built-in heating element, similar to how a kettle works. Electric showers are always ready to use, any time of the day or night. Some electric showers are suitable for gravity fed cold water storage tanks, such as the Mira Elite QT. They work in the same way, however have an internal pump to work along side the low pressure system. To find out more, click here.

  • Why is the temperature of my shower not hot enough?

    You may not know that the cold weather can have an effect on your mixer and power shower as well as electric showers in particular.

    During the winter months the temperature of the cold mains water supply is also colder. This means that in order to heat the water supplied from the cold mains water supply to a comfortable showering temperature, electric showers require the flow rate reduced in order to allow the water to heat up longer within the shower.

    This is achieved by turning the temperature dial clockwise and thus reduce the flow of water.

    How do you adjust your electric shower?

    1. Run the shower as you are making the adjustments so you can feel the temperature change.
    2. Check the top dial of your shower is on the highest setting (the two heating elements working).

    3. Reduce the flow through your shower by turning the bottom dial towards a warmer setting.

    For more information read our dedicated post on Seasonal effects on your shower which also includes how to adjust mixer and power showers. Alternatively view our animated instructional film.

  • What is a Power shower?

    An All-In-One Power shower works by taking water from both the hot and cold water supplies of a Gravity Fed system, mixing the hot and cold supplies to reach the desired temperature. They produce a more impressive spray because an internal pump boosts the water flow rate. They are ideal for homes with a plentiful supply of hot water. Power showers are not suitable for high pressure mains water systems. To find out more, click here.

  • What height are the Mira Leap Enclosure range available in?

    This can vary slightly depending on the Enclosure type. Generally across the whole range the height is 1900mm. However there are a couple of exceptions. The complete Walk in Range and the Divider Panels that measure 1000mm and 1200mm are 1890mm in height. The divider panels that measure 800mm and 900mm will have a height of 1950mm. All the above measurements are from the top of the tray.

  • How many different Trays are available in the Mira range?

    There are four variants in the range: Mira Flight Standard, Mira Flight Low, Mira Flight Safe and Mira Flight Walk-In. Click here to view the range of Trays. Our Mira Trays are perfect for any sized bathroom and compliment our shower Enclosures. Click here to view our range of Enclosures.

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