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Mira Showers Statement on COVID-19


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Which is the right shower for your bathroom

Monday 5th September 2016

We know that it can be confusing understanding your shower system, but there is nothing worse than finding the shower that you love and learning that it is not suitable for the plumbing in your home.

To guide you through the process we have put together a guide to help you choose a beautiful shower that fits your bathroom design and is right for your system.

High Pressure - Mains Pressure Combination Boiler

You will know you have this system if: you have a boiler the size of a small kitchen cupboard somewhere in your house – you won’t have hot and cold water tanks.   

A mains pressure combination boiler is suitable for electric, digital and mixer showers. If you’ve got a plentiful supply of hot water then you may prefer a mixer shower, it has a powerful flow and will give you more of a boost than an electric shower. The Mira Adept BRD mixer shower combines a stylish, integrated look with great performance to deliver a perfect showering experience from two showerheads which is ideal for a beautiful bathroom and is compatible for a mains pressure boiler.

Low Pressure Gravity System

You will know you have this system if: there is a cold water tank in your loft and hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard. 

The bonus of having a low pressure gravity system is that you are able to select any shower from our ranges including mixer, digital, electric and power showers, depending on your style preferences. This is the only system that is suitable for a power shower so why not select the Mira Event and enjoy the showering sensation of 14 litres of water a minute. It also includes a special ‘flow boost’ feature which delivers an invigorating 16 litres of water a minute for that truly luxurious feel.

High Pressure – Mains Pressure Unvented

You will know you have this system if: you have a boiler the size of a small kitchen cupboard somewhere in your house. 

This system gives you the option of having an electric, mixer or digital shower in your bathroom. Digital showers, similar to mixers, are suited to houses with a good supply of hot water. A perk of digital showers, such as the Mira Platinum Dual Ceiling Fed, is that you can pre-set the temperature with precision controls, so that the water is your desired temperature as soon as you walk in and there is no more waiting for the water to heat up. The Mira Platinum Dual also has a wireless controller which allows you to set up your shower from up to 10m away from the shower unit.

Cold Mains Supply

You will know you have this system if: you don’t have stored hot water at all, or don’t want to use up all your hot water when you have a shower. 

An electric shower is the only compatible shower to a cold mains supply and the limited hot water you have with this system. Electric showers only use water from your cold water supply, with the water being heated up by an element similar to a kettle. It is a money saving option as they do not require a full boiler tank of water to be heated before use. The Mira Azora also has thermostatic temperature stability and features Mira Sensi-flo™ technology which helps prevent scalding if the showerhead or hose become blocked which keeps showering safe for all the family.

Has this helped you choose the right shower for your bathroom or have any questions about your shower?
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