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The different types of showers and how to choose them

Find out how to choose the best shower for your home

Monday 10th May 2021

With a number of different types of shower available, it can be confusing to know which one is right for you and your home. Should you choose an electric shower or a mixer shower? A power shower or a digital model?

To guide you through the process, we have put together a guide on how to choose a shower that is not only right for your water system, but one that meets any other requirements you may have too. Read on for information to help you determine the type of water system you have, followed by a look at the different types of shower available.

What you need to think about when buying a shower

What is your water pressure like?

Your water pressure impacts how powerful your shower is, and also affects the type of shower you’ll need, as certain showers only work with high or low water pressure.


  • Low pressure – gravity-fed

You will know you have this system if: there is a cold water tank in your loft and a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard.

The bonus of having a low-pressure gravity system is that you are able to select any shower from our ranges, including mixer, digital, electric and power showers, depending on your style preferences. It’s worth noting that this is the only water system that is suitable for a power shower.

  • High pressure – mains pressure combi boiler

You will know you have this system if: you have a boiler the size of a small kitchen cupboard somewhere in your house – you won’t have hot and cold water tanks.  

A mains pressure combination boiler is suitable for electric, digital and mixer showers. If you’ve got a plentiful supply of hot water then you may prefer a mixer shower, as it has a powerful flow and will give you more of a boost than an electric shower.

Learn more about choosing the best shower for a combi boiler.

  • High pressure – mains pressure unvented

You will know you have this system if: you have a boiler the size of a small kitchen cupboard somewhere in your house and a hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard.

This system gives you the option of having an electric, mixer or digital shower in your bathroom.

  • Cold mains supply

You will know you have this system if: you don’t have stored hot water at all, or don’t want to use up all your hot water when you have a shower.

An electric shower is the only compatible shower to a cold mains supply and the limited hot water you have with this system.

Find out more about how to identify your water system.

The different types of showers available

  • Electric showers

Electric showers work by taking water from your cold water supply, quickly heating it up using a built-in heating element and pushing it through the showerhead once the water has reached the right temperature. Because they use water from your cold water supply, electric showers are suitable for all types of water system.

An electric shower is a money saving option, as they only heat the water you’re going to use. You can choose between thermostatic and manual models; thermostatic is a particularly good choice if you have children, as it’ll maintain the temperature throughout your shower, even if someone flushes the toilet or runs a tap elsewhere in your home. At Mira, our electric showers are available as single or dual outlets.

For more information, read our guide to choosing the best electric shower.

  • Mixer showers

Mixer showers take water from both your hot and cold water supplies, combining them to create the desired temperature. They are compatible with gravity-fed and mains pressure systems. Like electric showers, you can choose between manual and thermostatic models.

We offer six different types of mixer shower, each in a range of styles, including dual options. Our mixer showers are the UK’s most powerful, thanks to our revolutionary Mira Magni-flo™ technology, which delivers up to 3x more water flow even at low pressure.

  • Digital showers

Digital showers, similar to mixers, are suited to houses with a plentiful supply of hot water. A perk of digital showers is that you can pre-set the temperature with precision controls, so that the water is your desired temperature as soon as you walk in and there is no more waiting for the water to heat up.

Our digital showers give you ultimate control, with a range of innovative features to choose from including wireless controllers and customisable presets.

  • Dual showers

Dual showers give you the opportunity to switch between an invigorating handheld showerhead and an indulgent rainfall showerhead. They are available across our mixer, electric and digital shower ranges, so there's an option to suite every type of water system.

  • Power showers

Power showers take water from both your hot and cold water supplies and mix them to create the perfect temperature. They are designed for low-pressure systems with a good supply of hot water, and while they are often confused with electric showers, the key difference is that they feature an internal pump that is used to boost water flow.

Having low water pressure shouldn’t mean you have to settle for an unsatisfying shower experience. With our power showers, you’ll receive a powerful and exhilarating spray every time, whether you choose a manual or thermostatic model.

Now that you know the benefits of the different types of shower, and which are best suited to your water system, discover our full range of showers and choose the right one for you.


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