By Kerry Hale

How To Save Space In Your Bathroom

  • Thursday 22 September 2022
  • 5 minute read

If you’re looking for ways to save space in your bathroom, a little organisation goes a long way. Experts suggest that tidiness is good for mental well-being. Knowing where our things are can help you get ready much faster in the mornings. Plus, the right bathroom cabinets, units and baskets can contribute to the overall design and help add personality to your space.

Bathroom storage ideas

Whatever your bathroom size or budget, we’ve got plenty of space-saving bathroom ideas to help you get started. From maximising cupboard space to adding new shelving, removing unnecessary fixtures and innovative storage hacks, discover storage solutions to suit every home and lifestyle.

Add shelving above or below the sink

Looking for innovative bathroom shelf ideas? If there’s a wide enough gap between your sink and bathroom mirror, add a shallow shelf to hold toothbrushes, soap and other bathroom accessories. This will keep your sink area clear and organised. Alternatively, you could replace your bathroom mirror with a mirrored cabinet, offering even more storage space.

Consider having a custom unit built with shelves, cupboards or pull-out baskets for bathrooms with empty space beneath the sink. This is a great way to store bathroom items you don’t reach for as often or want on display, like spare towels, toilet rolls and cleaning products.

Over-the-door storage

Hanging storage caddies and hooks are a budget-friendly way to add storage to any bathroom, whether you need space for products, kids’ bath toys, robes or towels. If you prefer a more minimal look and have sufficient space, install a shelf above the door instead, where you can keep baskets or boxes with lesser-used items out of sight.

Ladders and towel rails

A common problem in small bathrooms is where to hang towels. A wooden ladder is an ideal solution, taking up minimal space when propped against a wall. Paint it in your preferred shade, then hang your towels on each rung. Ladder shelves are also great for bathrooms and can be used to store and display toiletries, candles, plants and other bathroom accessories.

Bathroom storage benches

If you have space underneath a window or against an empty wall, a bench can add a unique design feature whilst offering plenty of hidden storage. Place items like towels, extra skincare products or cleaning supplies inside, then add some cushions to make it a cosy spot or a place to perch when bathing the kids.

Maximise cupboard space

When you’re short on space, it’s essential to maximise the cabinet space you have. Storing products on shelves is a great way to keep organised and leave bathroom surfaces clutter-free. Take your storage to the next level by placing pull-out baskets on the shelves for each family member. Or use them to separate different product categories, like body, face, makeup and fragrance. For another discreet solution, try hanging storage compartments behind cabinet doors.

Space-saving bathroom ideas

While bathroom storage is one of the best ways to save space, changing the fixtures and fittings can dramatically alter how it looks and feels.

Corner units

Corner units are one of the best space-saving options for bathrooms. Whether that’s cupboards, sinks or corner shower enclosures, these fixtures are one of the best ways to get the most out of a small bathroom.

Create a wet room

Replacing your bathroom suite with a wet room is another excellent way to save space. Plus, the single glass shower panel required to create a wet room can make the room look much bigger than most shower enclosures or baths.

Replace your bath with a shower

Baths can take up unnecessary space in small bathrooms, so why not replace them with a new shower? The Mira Flight shower trays are compact, lightweight and available in various sizes and configurations to suit any bathroom. Pair them with your chosen Mira shower enclosure, then shop our range of electric, digital, mixer and power showers to get the best showering experience.

Looking for more simple ways to update your bathroom design? Explore our guide to DIY bathroom renovations on a budget.

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