By Kerry Hale

Designer Bathroom Ideas


    • Friday 7 May 2021
    • 4 minute read

    Whether your tastes are traditional or contemporary, with careful planning, fine attention to detail and the latest in bathroom technology, a designer bathroom can be achieved in any home. We've spoken to some design experts to find out how to create a luxury designer bathroom, no matter the size of your bathroom or your preferred style.

    Powerful showers 

    The best designer bathrooms have one thing in common – a powerful shower. Andrew Gancikov, founder of Gancikov Architecture and Design, says designer showers are the number one thing his clients ask for when it comes to planning their high-end bathrooms.

    “Clients vary in their tastes and requirements, but a powerful and spacious shower is a must,” he says. “Baths are less in vogue than in the past. There’s nothing quite like an invigorating shower in the morning or a nice massaging shower that cleanses your body and mind before bed.”

    For a powerful designer shower that features the best in showering technology, look no further than a digital shower. Digital showers give you ultimate control over your showering experience: you can enjoy a warm-up mode so that the shower is ready when you are, and you can even control your shower from an app on your smartphone with our Mira Activate range. 


    Make a style statement with your choice of shower head, and choose a dual outlet for ultimate flexibility and luxury.

    Materials and lighting 

    Even the most space-challenged bathroom can look designer with a clever use of materials and lighting. Investing in good quality materials adds a sense of smart sophistication to the room.

    “For the best designer bathroom ideas, the choice of materials is key,” Andrew explains. “For my clients, I always propose using one primary material – tile, wood, natural stone and so on – with the optional dash of a secondary material. Personally, I prefer to use one material only, but clients sometimes find they want to use an array of different tiles which can be done as long as consistency is maintained.”

    For a seamless finish, use the same material on both the floors and the walls.

    When it comes to lighting, dimmer switches allow you to set the right ambience, giving you the possibility of brighter lighting in the morning when you’re getting ready for work, and low lighting at night when you want to wind down and relax. For a truly designer finish, consider illuminated mirrors and focal lighting to highlight certain parts of the room. 


    Colour plays a huge part in creating a designer bathroom. Neutral tones and natural stone designs give the illusion of more space. But don’t think you have to use beige or white for everything.

    Sophie van Winden, co-founder of Owl Design, says her clients want their bathrooms to be sanctuaries to relax in, to escape their busy lives. She says the key colour trends for bathrooms at the moment are dark colours, such as indigo blues and charcoal greys. These are complimented by soft, plaster pinks and blushes.


    Accessories can go a long way to helping you achieve the designer bathroom of your dreams. As well as taps and shower heads, smaller accessories like soap dishes, toothbrush holders and bathroom wall art can make a huge statement. Get that designer look by choosing accessories in matching metals, be that nickel, brushed gold or copper, and pair them with accents of tumbled glass.


    Your efforts to create a designer bathroom will be in vain if the room ends up cluttered with bottles of shampoo and shower gel. “Storage is essential to maintain order,” insists Andrew.

    Sophie advises clients to set storage back into the wall, space permitting, so it is completely flush with the wall. She says: “This bespoke feature is easily achieved in the nooks above the plumbing or pipe work and creates an illusion of more space and a sleek, contemporary look. We often cover this with a mirrored panelled door, but alternatively a shelf built into the shower wall in the same tile or plaster as the shower wall makes for a high-end hotel feel.”

    If this isn’t feasible as part of your bathroom design, then consider other bathroom storage ideas like adding cabinets and units that are coherent with the rest of your bathroom aesthetic.


    Find more inspiration for creating a luxury bathroom, or explore our full range of digital showers as the starting point for your designer bathroom makeover. 

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