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Ensuite Bathroom Ideas & Designs

  • Tuesday 03 January 2023
  • 4 minute read

Ensuite bathrooms offer more privacy, so the design can cater exclusively to your individual preferences.


Transform your ensuite into a unique space that shows off your personality or create fluidity between your bedroom and ensuite with a complementary design. To help you get started, explore the best ensuite layouts, furniture, colour schemes and lighting ideas in our guide.

Ensuite bathroom layout ideas

When designing an ensuite, maximising space is essential. Since most ensuites are smaller than a standard bathroom, you’ll want to make the most of any available space.

Bulky furniture and cluttered surfaces make small rooms feel cramped, so keep your ensuite organised and tidy with space-saving storage. Short-projection or wall-hung furniture and fixtures also take up less space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large ensuite, you may have more possibilities when planning your layout. Some large ensuites can accommodate extra furniture, storage or even a bath. However, there should still be enough room to move around comfortably, especially near the sink, toilet and shower enclosure.

Shower enclosures

If space is limited, choose a shower enclosure. Corner shower enclosures are the ideal space-saving solution for ensuites. Alternatively, square and rectangular shower enclosures can fit neatly between two walls or other bathroom fixtures. Consider which way the shower door will open, measuring the space to ensure you have enough room to get in and out.

Our range of ensuite walk-in showers includes the Ascend, Elevate and Leap divider panels, with various sizes available to suit any space. Pair them with any of our shower trays to transform your ensuite bathroom into a luxurious wet room.

Space-saving storage

If you’re short on space, look for compact bathroom furniture to make the room appear larger. Wall-hung cabinets give the illusion of space beneath the sink and offer plenty of storage. Alternatively, choose a mirrored design to hang above the sink and streamline your bathroom accessories. Floating shelves are ideal in small ensuites, since they don’t require floor space like ladder shelving or freestanding units.

Bath ensuites

In larger ensuites, a bath can add a luxurious touch. Consider removing the existing shower enclosure and replacing it with a shower-over-bath unit. If you have enough room, choose a freestanding bath and separate shower enclosure.

Colour schemes

Whether you’d prefer a bold ensuite to contrast the adjoining bedroom or want to keep the design harmonious, almost any colour scheme will work in this space.

Small bathrooms can look bigger when decorated in a neutral or soft pastel shade to brighten up the space, especially if they have no natural light. Alternatively, you can embrace the darkness with a black bathroom or inject some personality with brightly coloured accessories, patterned wallpapers or a painted feature wall.

Discover more of the best colour ideas for small bathrooms in our guide.


Brighten up your ensuite with the right lighting. LED spotlights or flat light fixtures take up less space than a pendant light while adding a modern touch to the room. In addition, make the most of any natural light you have by keeping windows and windowsills clear.

Ensuite tile ideas

Depending on your preference, you can tile your ensuite bathroom floor, walls or both. Large format designs with fewer grout lines tend to make the room feel bigger. Discover tile ideas to suit your bathroom in our guide.

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories can add the finishing touches to your ensuite but shouldn’t make the room feel cluttered. For example, a well-placed mirror will help reflect light around the room, or choose a mirrored cabinet for additional storage. Plants, wall art, towels and bathmats can inject colour into the space and showcase your personality.

Check out more of our favourite small bathroom design ideas to get the most from your ensuite.

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