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White bathrooms: the colour that never goes out of fashion

Use our tips to create a bright space that is perfectly adaptable

Thursday 16th November 2017

The great thing about white is that it suits every style, every size, every shape and goes with absolutely everything. It’s even adaptable; when you get bored of your colour scheme, you just have to change your accessories and you’ve got a whole new one. Follow our guide to white bathroom ideas and create your own bright, light, white paradise.

Small bathrooms

White is a great choice for a small bathroom, water closet or downstairs cloakroom as it helps open up a tighter space and make it appear much bright, lighter and – most importantly – a lot bigger. We wouldn’t advise using it in isolation, as a totally white small bathroom can definitely appear colder and it can veer into feeling somewhat medical. What you want to keep in mind more is a feeling of purity and serenity.

Add colour through your furnishings and accessories to break up the white and bring a bit of life to the room. White reflects light, so pair it with a well-positioned mirror to take full advantage of the space and open up the room. If you’re tiling your room, you can also use the same light coloured tiles on the floor and walls to trick the eye into thinking it’s bigger than it really is.

Traditional bathrooms

If you’re after a classic, traditional feel in your bathroom, white will play along nicely. You can’t get any more classic than a freestanding Victorian roll-top bath, and if you want to avoid overdoing the white, you can always opt for one that is pristine white on the inside and ivory on the outside. It won’t throw off your colour scheme but it will help bring some warmth.

Again, it’s important here to use colour for balance, as a totally white bathroom can be a bit cold and sterile. Wooden bathroom furniture – such as shelving, vanities, even wooden toilet seats – can work strongly in your favour here, whether they’re painted with a nice rich varnish or a bright and inviting paint colour. White furniture can help give a bathroom that traditional country feel, but be wary of pairing it with white walls. Alternatively, go for a gentle shade of green or blue (nothing too primary) on the walls and allow your white bathroom furniture and suite to carry the pristine theme. Finish it off with white curtains, towels and a white wooden mirror for a traditional yet fresh feel.


Modern bathrooms

White is so endlessly adaptable that it can be employed successfully to create almost any look or feel you want. If you’re after something contemporary, cool and stylish, pairing it with its polar opposite will get you well on your way. If your bathroom is predominantly white, use black to break it up, whether that’s through accessories, furniture or wall features. White subway tiles with black grouting create a supremely suave juxtaposition that is on trend without being too on trend. Read our guide on creating a black and white bathroom for more tips on how to make the combination work for you.

You’ll want a stylish shower unit to blend seamlessly with your modern white bathroom, which sounds like the perfect job for the Mira Galena electric shower. This sleekly curved unit with a tastefully minimalist use of black and chrome is easy to install and will make the perfect finishing touch to any contemporary bathroom.

Splashes of colour

We’ve mentioned this already but it bears repeating: you can have too much of a good thing. White symbolises cleanliness, purity and serenity but in a bathroom, it needs colour to work to full effect. If you want the theme to be predominantly white, go for subtle touches of bold red or fashionable aquamarine or turquoise and watch the colours sing against the blank canvass. And if bold, stark white is a bit daunting for you, try an off-white with warm undertones as a compromise.


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