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The Aspects Taps Collection

Basin Mixer (Monobloc)
Mira ComfortBasin Mixer (Monobloc)

Sleek looks, robust construction and easy to use

Basin Mixer (Monobloc)
Mira EvolveBasin Mixer (Monobloc)

Pure geometric style with an exciting contemporary twist

Basin Mixer (Monobloc)
Mira FluencyBasin Mixer (Monobloc)

Fluid beauty meets geometric precision, with ergonomic ease of use

Basin Mixer (Monobloc)
Mira HonestyBasin Mixer (Monobloc)

Combining hard angles with softened corners, it's the perfect 'family-friendly' Monobloc tap

Basin Mixer (Monobloc)
Mira PrecisionBasin Mixer (Monobloc)

Effortless elegance, bringing a distinctive new dimension to your bathroom

Basin Mixer (Monobloc)
Mira ReviveBasin Mixer (Monobloc)

Timeless sophistication with cutting edge design

Basin Mixer (Monobloc)
Mira VirtueBasin Mixer (Monobloc)

Refined features for a more traditional bathroom look