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Luxury bathroom ideas

Dial-up your downtime with a luxury bathroom

Wednesday 17th January 2018

When you’re looking for some much needed ‘me-time’, your bathroom is probably your go-to destination to unwind and escape the day. So, if anywhere deserves that little extra touch of luxury, it’s there.

Whether you’ve opted for a country, vintage, retro or completely contemporary décor, there are easy ways to update your favourite soapy-space and turn it into the ultimate luxury bathroom. From big renovations to simple style updates, we’ve got you covered.

Feature furnishings

If you’re looking for an instant luxurious update, your bathtub or shower is the best place to start. As the hero piece in your bathroom, you should invest in quality and make it the focal point of the room.

Free-standing baths with attention-grabbing feet, roll-tops and distinctive taps immediately add a touch of luxe and can act as the centrepiece for your space. Our top tip? If you can, position the bath in front of a window to make a real statement. For the utmost luxurious experience, make sure you look for tubs made from cast-iron as they hold heat for the longest and are much harder to scratch, meaning they’ll look lovelier for longer.

If you prefer a shower, you can opt for a sleek wet room style walk-in shower with glossy glass panels for a minimalist take on a designer bathroom. The smooth elegant curved panel of the Mira Leap Walk-In will really open up the room, too.

Whatever you do, invest in a style so classic it sees you through season after season of bathroom trend updates.

Bespoke bathrooms

For the ultimate luxury bathroom touch and feel, fine tune the smaller features for a big impact. So, as well as spending time on how your shower looks, take time to choose a shower head that can sync with your mood. Try the Mira 360m Four Spray Showerhead to personalise your shower power and choose a high-pressured spray to wake you up in the morning or a gentler water flow to relax after a long day. Plus, for super space saving solutions, take a look at the Mira Adept Cleanse Module for a neat multi-functional storage pot or soap dish to store your must-have shower essentials at your foamy fingertips.

Digital details

Calling all tech-heads! If your definition of a luxury bathroom goes beyond ornate details, focus on the new power products making their mark in the digital world to shake up your morning routine – and make getting up slightly more bearable… For an easy bed to shower transition, try the Mira Mode that can be controlled by a free app that is available on both Android and iPhone. The app allows you to remotely turn the shower on and off, and create up to 10 shower and bathfill pre-sets according to your preference.

Fine finishing touches

When a huge bathroom refurbishment just isn’t in the budget, turn your attention to the finer details. Get a brighter room in an instant without the need for extra light fixtures by positioning a mirror in the direction of the window. This bounces sunlight across the room to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Luxury bathrooms call for stylish accents. Find these in the form of shiny distinctive basin and bath taps which will immediately uplift a well-used bathroom. The award-winning Mira Aspects tap range covers super modern geometric tap shapes for a contemporary style to taps with refined features for a more traditional design. These durable taps will bring the entire room together.

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