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Top Grey Bathroom Design Ideas

  • Friday 28 October 2022
  • 5 minute read

If you’re considering a grey colour scheme for your bathroom, discover some of the best ways to incorporate this much-loved neutral shade into your space. From paint to flooring, fixtures and accessories, there are plenty of ways to create a stylish grey bathroom that works with your existing home design.

Why choose a grey bathroom?

Grey bathrooms are a timeless yet modern choice. This neutral shade will never go out of style, so you won’t have to worry about redecorating your bathroom frequently, making it a cost-effective option. In addition, grey bathrooms won’t show marks and splashes as much as white bathrooms do, which is ideal if you have children or pets!

Which colours pair best with grey?

Since grey is a neutral shade, it complements many colours, from bold monochrome designs to soft pastel hues. Whether you want to integrate these colours into the design or have other rooms in your home in these shades, a grey bathroom can help create a seamless transition between spaces.

Grey and white bathroom ideas

Grey and white work well in any home interior, and bathrooms are no exception. This classic colour scheme can be adapted to modern or traditional bathrooms of all sizes, although the brightening effects of these two cool-toned shades make it ideal for small bathrooms. Use paint, wooden wall panelling, tiles or printed wallpaper to create a grey feature wall in a white bathroom, or bring in pops of colour with grey towels, bath mats, blinds and accessories.

Black and grey bathrooms

To create an atmospheric and modern bathroom, try pairing black and grey together in the design. This colour combination works best in large or well-lit bathrooms. Opt for black tiles on the walls or floor, then introduce grey accents with painted cabinetry or shelving, soft furnishings and accessories.

Pastel shades

Grey can complement a range of pastel shades, from cool-toned greens and blues to pale yellow or light pink. Try painting your bathroom walls in a pale grey to keep things bright, then add pops of colour in your preferred pastel shades with towels, bath mats, wall art, vases, plant pots and other accessories. Alternatively, you could create a feature wall with printed wallpaper in grey and pastel tones.

Bold hues

Grey can also work well in bathrooms with bolder colours like olive green, navy blue or coral pink. Paint the walls a pale shade of grey, then introduce the brighter colour with half-tiled walls or painted wood panelling. For a more subtle take on this design, add accent features like towels, bathmats, wall art and decorative accessories in your chosen shade.

Creating a modern grey bathroom

Once you’ve chosen your preferred colour scheme, explore some of the best ways to incorporate grey into your bathroom design to get inspired.


Grey tiles are a stylish and practical feature, whether you have them on the wall or floor. With so many shapes and designs to choose from, you can be as bold or subtle as you like. Use grey tiles to introduce colour and texture in a white bathroom, or pick a shade that matches other grey elements in the space.


If you have a small bathroom with less natural light, painting all the walls grey may make the space feel dark. Instead, consider painting the walls white, then add a grey feature wall. This could be a tiled wall behind the bath or shower or a painted grey wall with framed prints or shelving. Alternatively, opt for a pale grey shade in larger bathrooms on all the walls or apply a printed grey wallpaper to add some interest.


Grey vinyl flooring or tiles are a popular choice for contemporary bathrooms. Not only are these materials water-resistant, but they can add texture to the space. For an ultra-minimalist design, grey polished concrete can add an earthy yet modern feel when used as flooring.

Fittings and fixtures

Whilst bathroom fixtures like sinks, toilets and baths tend to be white, providing a clean and timeless appeal, you can customise the fittings to complement a grey colour scheme. Chrome bathroom taps, showerheads, handles and light fittings are popular for grey bathrooms, pairing well with these cooler tones. However, brass, gold and copper can bring warmth into the space and create an industrial feel.

Furniture and soft furnishings

Wooden bathroom storage like cupboards, shelving or seating benches can be painted grey to add pops of colour to a white bathroom. Then, choose grey bathroom blinds, bathmats and towels to bring more of this soothing shade into the space.


A few grey bathroom accessories like vases, plant pots, candles or soap dispensers will add the finishing touches to the space. Don’t go overboard when accessorising, as this can make the bathroom look messy, reducing the impact of the design. Learn more about space-saving bathroom ideas to combat clutter.

Not sure if a grey bathroom is the right choice for you? Discover more ways to add colour to your bathroom in our helpful guide.

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