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Monochrome bathrooms: Black and white bathroom ideas

Modern or classic, cool or smart, black and white is a winning combination.

Monday 17th August 2020

Black and white bathrooms are the epitome of contrast. They are both classic and contemporary, dramatic and calming, simple and luxurious. Monochrome is a timeless colour scheme, which makes it a great choice for a functional space like a bathroom that you don’t want to update too frequently, and it’s also incredibly versatile.

The combination of black and white lends itself to a variety of décor styles, from minimalist and industrial to art deco and French country. The restricted colour palette creates a luxurious, designer feel, but a monochrome bathroom can be both easy and wallet-friendly to create.

Black and white bathroom walls and floors

Statement tiling

The options are endless when it comes to monochrome tiling. A classic example is a black and white checkerboard floor, which looks smart and sophisticated when paired with either black or white walls. Black and white mosaic tiling is another eye-catching design idea and can be applied to the walls or the floor. This look works particularly well in small bathrooms if small tiles are used as part of the mosaic effect. An all-black tiled bathroom can also be striking, lending a luxurious, boutique hotel style finish to your bathroom.

Contrasting grout

One of the most popular contemporary bathroom designs is white metro tiles teamed with dark contrasting grout. But the look works just as well the other way around, with black metro tiles and white grout. This design idea is most impactful when it is restricted to one area of your bathroom, such as the walls of your bath and shower. Paint the rest of the walls white and use tiles in the opposite colour on the floor for a coherent monochrome bathroom.

Floorboard makeover

Bathroom floors don’t always have to be tiled. If you have good quality floorboards, paint and varnish them in a dark black, water-resistant stain. The result will be dramatic, especially when contrasted with white tiled walls. If you go for this option, ensure you use an oil-based sealer to seal the cracks between the floorboards to make them as water-resistant as possible.


Fixtures and fittings

Classic white fixtures

It’s rare to come across black fixtures and fittings for a bathroom, but fortunately white is the go-to colour for baths, showers and toilets. Choose a classic bathroom suite with clean white lines for a pared-back style that works in harmony with the rest of the scheme.

Minimalist taps

Chrome fittings can soften the look of a fully monochromatic bathroom. Choose minimalist chrome taps that complement the design style – a monochrome bathroom is enough of a statement in itself.


Sleek shower fittings

As with your taps, keep your shower fittings sleek and minimalist in your black and white bathroom. Choose from reliable fixed showerheads and versatile handheld showerheads, or for a spa-style showering experience in keeping with your hotel-esque scheme, go for a drenching rainfall showerhead.

Bathroom accessories

Monochrome décor

Complete the monochrome look by adding a sleek black round mirror to your bathroom wall. Fill monochrome photo frames with black and white prints and add monochrome bathroom accessories such as toothbrush holders and soap dishes. For added sophistication, decant hand soap into monochrome soap dispensers.

Trendy towels

When it comes to the colours of your towels, you can go one of two ways. Create a fully coherent look by accessorising with plain or patterned black and white towels, or use this as an opportunity to inject a splash of colour into your monochrome scheme. Colours that go well with a black and white bathroom include mustard yellow, lime green, sky blue and pastel pink.

Storage solutions

Hang black or white floating shelves and use them to display your favourite products. To prevent the shelves from getting too cluttered, store anything you don’t want on display in black and white woven baskets. Alternatively, you could soften the monochrome look by adding natural bamboo and wicker storage units. For an added touch of nature and colour, add luscious green plants that thrive in humidity, such as spider plants, ferns and orchids.


For more bathroom inspiration explore our online bathroom design tool, and discover which Mira products best suit your bathroom space.


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