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How to create the perfect black and white bathroom

Modern or classic, cool or smart, black and white is a winning combination.

Friday 14th July 2017

If you’re looking for a sleek and stylish combination, you can’t go wrong with a black and white bathroom. It’s simple, elegant, classic and contemporary, all in just two colours with minimum fuss and maximum impact. Whatever size bathroom you’re working with, the balance of these two timeless partners can be tweaked and shifted to make the most of the space. What’s more, they make for an incredibly adaptable pairing, lending themselves naturally to vintage, modern, masculine, cool or elegant. All that’s needed is your vision.

Balance is key

How you pair black and white on your walls will depend on two things: the feel you’re going for and the size of your bathroom. If you’ve a small room and don’t want it to feel too dark, avoid overdoing the black on the walls as it absorbs light.

If you absolutely must have black walls in your small bathroom, consider black mosaic tiles. They look incredibly cool and luxurious and when paired with a white bathroom suite, and with a good use of mirrors, they can stop the room feeling too claustrophobic. Alternatively, a wallpapered, tiled or painted monochrome feature wall can look impressively dramatic.

With white walls, introduce slight embellishments in black for a bold juxtaposition, whether it’s black tiles interspersed in white, a black cornice splitting the white walls and ceiling, or a black dado rail dividing walls that are half tiled and half painted.

Subway style

Subway tiles are very fashionable. Tiling the bottom half in white and going for a dark charcoal wall above is a strong, contemporary look. Be wary of going floor to ceiling in white subway tiles as it can end up looking a little like a public bathroom. Black and white photographic prints are another great way to continue the colour scheme and it’s always fun searching for just the right picture to match the feel of the room.


Deeep dark woods

If you have bare floorboards in your bathroom, a daring choice is to paint them a dark, very nearly black colour. This can either contrast very nicely against white walls or blend nicely with other black woodwork in the room.

Finishing touches

Use your towels wisely to set off the black and white theme. If you’ve gone for predominantly black, white towels will bring a brighter element. If you’ve avoided patterns in your theme, this is the place to introduce them.

Don’t overlook the bathroom suite. It’s more than likely your sink and toilet will be white, but a freestanding tub with a dark outer and white inner is a stunning addition. If you’re aiming for a sleek, minimal modern feel, the Mira Escape Plus shower is a stylishly designed addition that carries a unique chrome finish as a point of difference in electric showers.

Not all black and white

Don’t be afraid of colour. Strict adherence to black and white in your bathroom can be a little too austere so introducing touches of colour can accentuate the theme and soften it slightly. Consider careful uses of red, pink or pale blue. Gold or brass hardware can also make for a classically stylish embellishment that breaks up the monochrome.

If you want more advice or have successfully given your bathroom a monochrome update, let us know all about it on Facebook or Twitter.