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Electric showers that last longer. Up to 50% longer.

Electric showers take water from your cold water supply and heat it, by passing the water over a built-in heating element. Mira electric showers are proven to last longer. Our revolutionary Mira Clearscale™ technology, included as standard, reduces the build-up of limescale by up to 50%. A longer-lasting shower, and better performance for you.

Electric showers Range

Electric ShowersGuiding you through your options.

Finding your ideal electric shower can be a tricky process. We’ve simplified it by categorising your options. Below are 5 types of Mira electric shower for you to choose from – find the one that best meets your needs.

  • Replacement

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    Find the perfect replacement for your existing electric shower.

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  • Affordable

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    Find an electric shower that suits both your needs and your budget.

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  • Style

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    Explore our stylish electric shower design options.

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  • Performance

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    Discover the UK's most powerful electric shower.

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  • Independent Living

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    Find an electric shower that's designed for the vulnerable user.

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Why Mira electric showers outlast others.

Electric showers occasionally breakdown as a result of limescale build-up. Mira Clearscale™ technology reduces the build-up of limescale by up to 50%, meaning a longer-lasting and better performing shower.

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The UK’s No. 1.

Mira Sport Max is a world first for electrics. Our patented Mira Airboost™ technology adds air induction, increasing the flow by up to 30% without using anymore water. All at the push of a button.

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Introducing the new Mira Advance

For over 20 years, Mira Advance has offered safer showering for all the family. The new Mira Advance features market-leading technologies, such as Mira Clearscale Pro™ technology, and is recognised with industry approvals for complete peace of mind.

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New Affordable Style Options

Combining stylish designs and easy to use controls. This range of contemporary fascia designs will make a stylish statement in any bathroom.

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Hassle-free replacement.

Replacing your existing electric shower just got easier. Our range of multi-fit showers easily fit over existing water and cable entry points making installation quick and easy.

Retrofit Range
Style Design Options.

Choose from 4 different fascia options with the Mira Galena range. From Slate to Light Stone, find the style option to suit your bathroom.

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Find your perfect Mira electric shower. View The Range
  • Keep it simple. Find your perfect Mira electric shower.

    All our electric showers work on a cold water system. If you're not sure what type of water system you have, watch our animation to find out more.

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    Peace of mind. All our Mira electric showers come with a 2 year guarantee.

    Enjoy a greater showering experience with our complimentary 2 year guarantee.