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Shower trays


Mira Flight LowRiser Conversion Kit - Quadrant - 1000


If you have an uneven floor surface, it's easily to create a level finish with the Mira Flight Low Riser Conversion Kit. Flight Low, Pentagon option.

  • 10
    Year warranty
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Features and Benefits
  • Use the easy to install removable panels and robust adjustable push-fit riser legs to ensure a level shower tray, even with an uneven floor surface. Flight Low Pentagon option.

  • Added extras

    Includes corner and end pieces, and simple clip-on fixings for a neat finish.

  • Flexible Height Quadrant 1000 Flight Low Riser Kit

  • Installation Information

    • Easy to install removable panels
    • Robust adjustable push-fit riser legs
    • Corner and end pieces for a neat finish
    • Simple clip-on fixings
    • Panel height: 120mm
  • View the Installation and User Guide for the Flight Low Riser Kits.

  • Installation & User Guide

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