Mira Showers Statement on COVID-19

Mira Showers Statement on COVID-19


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Mira Opero. Your shower.
In a whole new light.

Intuitive. Illuminating. Innovative.

Introducing Mira HydroGlo™ technology.

When the water hits your temperature, the shower lights up, so you can enjoy the perfect shower, every time.

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The built-in look without the building in.

An ultra-sleek, flush concealed shower valve design makes for a minimal, built-in look – without any complicated in-the-wall installation.

Adjustable Control

The ultimate in luxury showering.

Enjoy the 250mm overhead shower or switch to the 4 spray handset for precision. Or use both at the same time for the pure indulgence.

Tap the hotspots to turn the shower heads on and off

Shower Waterfall Head On
Shower Head On
Shower Off

Your perfect fit

Plus, thanks to the adjustable arm, you can position the deluge overhead anywhere – the perfect fit for any bathroom.

Adjustable Head

Beautifully Bespoke

Focus on finishes

Custom showering comes in three distinctive finishes.
Complement any upgrade with matt black, brushed nickel or bright chrome.


Family Friendly

Mira CoolShield™ technology stops heat transferring to exposed surfaces of the shower. This means Mira Opero is always safe to touch and safe for all users.


Easy Fitting

Thanks to its adjustable arm, you can position the deluge overhead anywhere. For the perfect fit in every bathroom.​

Adjustable Control 2

Keep it Cool

Get the shower temperature you want, every time – thanks to the precise, built-in temperature control. With a max temperature stop for even safer showering.

Design Awards

Award Winning

A 2021 winner of the Red Dot Award for Design, the new Mira Opero is the epitome of the perfect shower for the modern bathroom.

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